Warming Methods in Winter Camps

As you know, the campfire is indispensable for the camps. We light this fire because it makes us feel safe from wild animals, to prepare our food and drink, for enlightenment, and sometimes just because it is enjoyable. However, if you are camping in sub-zero temperatures in a region with harsh climatic conditions, the need for Heating is added on top of all that we have mentioned above.

An inadequate, unsuitable campfire can trap you inside your tent.


Reflect your campfire!

Insufficient heating in winter camps can cause a seedy camp. Instead of trying to strengthen your fire by constantly enlarging it, you can use it more efficiently by reflecting this fire in a much more practical way, you can both use your fuel economically and heat more efficiently. With easily portable aluminum reflectors, you can close the side of your fire that is not looking at you, and focus the energy produced by the fire on yourself. To do this, of course, you need a reflector. There are 1.2m x 7m reflectors sold in rolls on the market. A width of 3.5 meters will be sufficient to surround the side of the fire that is not facing you. In order not to take up more space in your bag, you can cut half of 7m and use it. Of course, it is not possible to carry this reflector in your bag due to its 1.2m length.

If you provide transportation with a bag on your back rather than a vehicle, you can cut and fold as much as you need from the reflector tarpaulins produced to protect the vehicles from sunlight instead of a roll reflector and carry them in your bag.

Your face gets hot in the face of fire and your back freezes

It’s a nuisance in cold weather. It should be the destiny of winter campers to return like a chicken by the fire 🙂 Fortunately, solving this problem is very simple. By placing a reflector behind your camping chair as seen in the photo, light waves from the fire should be reflected along the reflector. If you use a poncho to surround the chair you are sitting on, you can protect the reflected heat and increase the heating efficiency even more.

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