Göbeklitepe (Potbelly Hill)

Haliliye, Şanlıurfa, Turkey


Son Güncelleme: 25 March 2022

Göbeklitepe is a Neolithic archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey.

The site was first used at the dawn of the Neolithic period, which in Southwest Asia marks the appearance of the oldest permanent human settlements anywhere in the world. Prehistorians link this Neolithic Revolution to the advent of agriculture, but disagree on whether farming caused people to settle down or vice-versa. Göbekli Tepe, a monumental complex built on the top of a rocky mountaintop, far from known sources of water and to date produced no clear evidence of agricultural cultivation, has played a prominent role in this debate.

These monuments were probably used in connection with rituals, most likely of a funerary nature. Distinctive T-shaped pillars are carved with images of wild animals, providing insight into the way of life and beliefs of people living in Upper Mesopotamia about 11,500 years ago.


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  • Address: Örencik, Göbeklitepe, Haliliye/Şanlıurfa, Turkey

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