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Kaklik Cave It is in the Kaklık neighborhood of Honaz district, 30 km from Denizli city center. Pamukkale is approximately 45 kilometers away. The cave was formed 2.5 million years ago during the Pliocene Period.

Kaklık cave is like a hidden Pamukkale underground. Discovered after the roof collapsed, the cave has been open to visitors since 2002. When you enter the cave, you will notice the distinctive sulfur smell. Because the water flowing from here contains sulfur and a high amount of sodium bicarbonate. For this reason, the local people named it Kokarhamam Spring.

This is not a place you will stop by if you happen to be in Denizli, but a place where you will come to Denizli just to see this place. We all know about Pamukkale travertines, but it is quite interesting to see them like this underground.

You can visit the cave by walking on a wooden platform of approximately 100 meters. In total, the cave tour will take about 30 minutes. The ground is wet. It is a good idea to wear sea shoes or slippers as the water is up to your ankles in places.

Kaklik Cave Transportation

At the 30th kilometer of the Denizli-Ankara Highway, you come to the Kaklık District of the Honaz District. It is possible to reach the cave by following the road deviating from this neighborhood to the north for 3 kilometers. There are minibuses from Denizli city center.

If you have visited Kaklik Cave , you can help our camping-loving travelers by sharing your observations in the comment area below. You can also send your photos taken in this area to [email protected] and have them published.


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