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Pertek Castle is located on a small island on the Keban Dam that separates the provinces of Elazig and Tunceli. The castle, which was located on the edge of a sharp rock on the shore of the Murat River before the Keban dam lake was built, today looks like an island surrounded by water. There is a cistern inside the castle.

Keban Dam was built on the Euphrates River in 8 years. It is the first dam lake built on the Euphrates river, which is the life water of almost all civilizations in the Middle East. Keban Dam fills the valley between the two provinces. Ferries run between Elazig and Pertek on the lake.

Pertek Castle transportation

Elazig city center is only 25 kilometers away.

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  • Address: Kaledibi, Pertek Kalesi, Meşeli/Elâzığ Merkez/Elazığ, Türkiye

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