Black Sea places to visit ! The most beautiful places of the Black Sea

One of the most asked regions by our followers is the Black Sea. As a result, it has become possible for us to make a content titled “Places to visit in the Black Sea”. Starting from the Eastern Black Sea to the Western Black Sea, we will list everything with short explanations one by one. If you want detailed information about the places to visit, you can read in detail by clicking the links below.

Black Sea places to visit!

Beautiful Lake, Waterfall, Plateau etc. We have compiled the most beautiful places to visit in the Black Sea region for you. If you want to take a closer look at these contents, which we will list with titles, pictures and a small description text, you can go to their pages by clicking the links below. Do not forget to indicate your positive and negative thoughts in the comment fields on the pages of the places you like and follow us on our social media accounts.



Let’s start our article with the easternmost point of the Black Sea. We will try to talk about every place as much as possible, but if you catch a place we missed, please mention it in the comment field or on our social networks. You may be wondering why we started from the easternmost point of the Black Sea. Frankly, the Black Sea region is a region whose nature is getting better from the West to the East. Naturally, we are starting our writing tour from Artvin so that it will appeal to your eyes at the maximum level.


# Mençuna Waterfall

Mençuna Waterfall

There is a quite challenging hiking trail for the elderly, but it is possible to reach the waterfall by resting. Believe me, it’s worth the trek. Do not try to go out with heavy items on you, be as light as possible. Transportation, how to get there etc. For more information, you can check our article titled “Mençuna Waterfall”. We don’t want to bore you by using the same text every time. 🙂 We have a separate detailed page for almost every place to visit. We strongly recommend that you visit those pages for detailed information.


# Double Bridges

Double Bridges

This place, which is flooded with many visitors on the way, is really nice to take photos. For transportation information and more, you can go to our article titled “Double Bridges”.


# Artvin Castle

Artvin Castle

There are cistern and chapel ruins in the castle. This castle, at the entrance of the city of Artvin on the banks of the Coruh River, was built in 937 by the Bagrat (Georgian) King Oset the Great. For detailed information and transportation information about the castle, go to our article titled “Artvin Castle”.


# Borcka Karagol

Borcka Karagol

After driving approximately 20 km in the direction of Maçahel (Camili) from Borcka district center of Artvin province, the Karagöl sign greets you. After that, Karagöl is reached by a partially broken but mostly stable dirt road. The environmental awareness of Artvin people has developed in general. We attribute the underlying reason to the fact that they live in harmony with nature. Click for the continuation of our article titled “Borçka Karagöl”.


# Savsat Karagol (Fish Lake)

Savsat Karagol (Fish Lake)

Fishing is prohibited in this lake. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the fish inside. Color is color and there are so many. It is a good place to say that they are almost domesticated with the food thrown by those who visit the lake. 🙂  Click for our article titled “Savşat Fish Lake”.


# Savsat Meydancik Village

Şavşat Meydancık Köyü Kamp Alanı

It is a place where you can spend daily time with its endemic vegetation, nature and clean air.

Click to go to our article titled “Şavşat Meydancık Village”.


# Cehennem Deresi Canyon

Cehennem Deresi Canyon

Tired of green? Here you go stone and earth. 🙂 A different breath to take in Artvin. And it’s definitely a must see beauty.

Click to go to our article titled “Cehennem Deresi Canyon”.

# Yusufeli

Yusufeli Kamp Alanı

This is not one of the routes we personally traveled. We can only share the information we have gathered about this place with you. If you have visited here, we would be very pleased if you write your feelings and thoughts in the comment field. We will have a chance to introduce people more closely. You can see the map location by going to the article titled “Yusufeli Camping Area” and comment on this place on this page.

# Arşiyan Plateau and Lakes

Arşiyan Yaylası Kamp Alanı

The altitude of the plateau varies between 2,600 and 3,500 meters. There are 20 lakes and 12 floating islands on the plateau. It’s almost as if mother nature used all her dexterity here. 🙂 It is not uncommon for so many natural formations to gather in the same place. Be sure to check out our article titled “Arşiyan Plateau”.

# Highlands Village

Yaylalar Köyü Kamp Alanı

Accommodation is available in the village located on the outskirts of Kaçkar Mountains, 62 kilometers from Yusufeli District. The region welcomes hundreds of tourists who want to camp and trek every year.


We continue our article with our Rize, which competes with Artvin with its natural beauties. First of all, if you are traveling with your private vehicle and your vehicle is not at least 4×2, let us emphasize that your patience will be tested in Rize. Climbing to the low altitude springs, anyway, sometimes even a 4×2 vehicle has difficulty getting above a certain altitude. Set out knowing this so you won’t be disappointed later. Saying of us.

#Huser Plateau

Huser Yaylası – Sis Denizi (Bulut Denizi)

That Fresh&Black Quechua tent in the middle belongs to us. 🙂 This is the view you will want to see when you unzip your tent in the morning. You can visit there for the details we wrote and drew about Huser in our article titled “Huser Plateau Cloud Sea”.

All of the following routes are available on our website. It will be available on this page very soon. Please stay tuned. Or explore the following places using the search menu of our website.


 # Ayder Plateau

Ayder Yaylası Kamp Alanı


# Palovit Yaylası

Palovit Yaylası


# Palovit Şelalesi

Palovit Şelalesi

# Sal Yaylası

Rize Sal Yaylası


# Gito Yaylası

Gito Yaylası


# Avusor Yaylası



# Elevit Yaylası

Elevit Yaylası


# Verçenik Yaylası

Verçenik Yaylası


# Gürsu Köyü

Gürsu Köyü


# Badara Yaylası

Badara Yaylası


# Büyük Göl



Sümela Manastırı

Altındere Vadisi


Kadırak Yaylası

Balıklı Gölet

Çal Mağarası





Sülüklü Göl

Akkaya Travertenleri

Pürenli Yaylası

Balıklı Yayla

Derebalık Yaylası

Hera Yaylası

Göksu Tabiat Parkı

Gölköy Baraj Gölü



Şahinkaya Kanyonu

Kunduz Yaylası

Vezirsuyu Tabiat Parkı

Gölalan Şelalesi

Kabaceviz Şelalesi

Ayvacık Barajı

Ladik Akdağ Kayak



Karaoluk Çiseli Şelalesi

Çamaş Kanyonu

Çınarsuyu Tabiat Parkı

Çaka Plajı

Yason Burnu

Ünye Çamlık

Gaga Gölü

Perşembe Yaylası

Ohtamış Şelalesi

Turnasuyu Vadisi

Ulugöl Tabiat Parkı



Kök Ev

Dereli Karagöl

Giresun Kalesi



Ayancık Akgöl

Tatlıca Şelaleleri

Boyabat Kalesi

Hamsilos Koyu



Harmankaya Şelaleleri

Çavuşağzı Koyu

Filyos Kalesi

Cehennemağzı Mağaraları

Taş Gölü



Valla Kanyonu

Ilıca Şelalesi

Ilgaz Dağları Milli Parkı

Gideros Koyu

Küre Dağları Milli Parkı


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